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What Happens When You Are Bitten By An Insect?

What Happens When You Are Bitten By An Insect?

WALT to explain what happens before and after you are bitten by an insect.

Why do mosquitoes bite you ask?
Mosquitoes bite because our blood is their food. Only the female mosquito bite. Well they don’t actually bite they suck our blood. Did you know that mosquitoes find children tastier than adults… that's crazy right?

You might be playing outside and suddenly hear a buzzing noise, you think you are just hearing things but then you feel a tingling sensation.

First you feel the tingling sensation getting stronger and then you start itching really really badly. When you scratch it you get this feeling and is so sensational you keep on scratching till it gets too sore.

You stop because you start to notice that there is a red lump that is starting to emerge. The spot where you have scratched will start to turn to a reddish colour. Some people may or may not feel the bite. If you scratch even more well then it might just get infected. If it does get infected it will be sore and really red, it might also have a white lump right in the middle of the BIG RED INFECTION!

If you don’t have any cream from the pharmacy then you can just use:
  • Vinegar
  • Aloe
  • A dry bar of soap, baking soda and water.

The next day you should see the bump slowly disappearing. Come to the following week and your arm or leg is not infected any more.

These paragraphs of writing are explaining to people... 

What Happens When You Are Bitten By An Insect?

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