Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Can You Guess Who It Is? Description p3.

She can be found on YouTube. She has long wavy blonde hair. She is very pretty. She is very popular on social media. She is a Latina. You might have seen her on vine, with her friends. She is a comedian. She is 21 years of age. She is pretty tall, and skinny. She can speak two different languages, English and Mexican. Her name starts with L

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Can You Guess It? Description p2

Can You Guess It?

He is a clown, that is very friendly. He has an orange Afro. His face is painted white and he has big red juju lips. His clothing is yellow with red stripes. He wears red and white striped socks with big red shoes, tied with white laces. He is tall and slinky. He looks a bit like Pennywise, but a less scarier version. He is based in a fast food restaurant. He has a song called "Make It Click!" He also has a charity that you can donate coins to, to help children. He speaks in a high pitched voice, he also has a big grin. His first name starts with R and his last name starts with M. Can you guess who I am?

Monday, 27 November 2017

Can You Guess It?

Can You Guess It?

Hint: A character from an anime

He is fictional. He has, spiky yellow hair that sticks up. He has three whiskers on each of his cheeks. He has very powerful powers. He wears a bandana on his forehead that is dark blue and gray. His bandana has a symbol on it that looks like a snail. His bandana resembles the "Hidden Leaf Village" He has a son named Boruto...Can you guess?

Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Blood In The Bank - Reading

Blood In The Bank

Today I read an article about a girl that gave blood donations. Every two years the blood donation people would go to her school and set up a place where, people that are over 16 were allowed to give blood donations to save peoples lives. Before she gave her blood donation she had to fill out a form, so the doctors could see if she had any diseases, illnesses, or if she was taking any medication.
When she had finished filling the form out, the doctors would check it. When the finished checking it, they gave her permission to donate blood. First the did a blood test, they pricked her thumb. Next the nurse told the girl to lie down on a table. Then they would prick the girls arm so they can put a needle in it. Next they connect a tube to the needle so the blood would flow into a plastic bag. When that is all done the nurse places a sticking plaster over the wound. The girl gets to have a little rest and then a cup of tea and some biscuits.

Sunday, 19 November 2017

A Big Audience!

On Wednesday the 8th of November Jessica, Meafou, Vaimoana and I went to the Hoytes Cinema in Sylvia Park. It was the Manaiakalani Film Festival! The Manaiakalani Film Festival is an event that happens every year! The point of the event is, every school in the Manaiakalani cluster make a film that has a message. We were representing our school, Ruapotaka. We had to leave school before everyone else because we had to represent at three different cinemas. We would have to go on stage and say a little speech, to give the audience a little hint of what our film was about.

We left school at 12:05 and got to the cinemas at 12:15. On the way to the cinemas we were being silly, and having fun. Just laughing our nerves away. Jessica was sitting next to the open window, and every time a person in a car went pass she would yell HI to them. Every time she did it, she got the same response. The response was, each person would look out their window and give Jessica a weird look. Every time they did that, we all laughed our heads off! As we got closer to the cinemas my heart pounded faster and faster. At that point I was sure the people round me could hear it too.

As we approached the cinema I started to feel very anxious. It felt as though the time was flying past. I couldn't wait to get it over and done with! We walked into the cinema and found our seats. As we took our seats Jessica and I watched the rest of the kids come in. The kids that were coming in were from all different schools. We were the seventh people to go up....the time had come, Jessica and I were walking up to the stage. The bright light was shining in our eyes. We both took a deep breath...

(Jessica) "Can you feel the love tonight!"
(Jessica) Isn't love just the best?
(Me) Well, besides all the lovey dubby stuff, what is the true meaning of love?
(Jessica) When you think about it, love...its everywhere
(Me) Hmm...I wonder what comes to mind when people think of love
(Jessica) I'm Jessica
(Me) And I'm Leanah
(Together) And we are year6 students from Ruapotaka School
(Me) Enjoy our film
Everyone started clapping. We walked off stage. Straight after we walked off stage, we had to go to our next cinema.

The last cinema we went to was the Luxury, in the cinema all the seats at the back were fulled with Tamiki College...I was anxious.
After we exited the cinema we took a photo in front of Hulk.

After it was all over we drove back to school, and said goodbye to everyone.
We had an awesome experience!

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Winning Ways - Reading


My reading group Harry Potter, read an article about a young girl that studied hard on her exhibit, and won her science fair. This is a follow up that we have made. We collected data and put it together in a Google Drawing. The article was about tents and which peg was the strongest.

Thursday, 19 October 2017

New Goals For Term 4!

These are my new goals for term four. I am going to try hard to achieve all of them.

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

"Where Shall We Put The Turbine?"

   Today my reading group and I read an article about a school in Palmerston North, they were discussing where to put a turbine in the school. They had to do a lot of research, to find out where to place the turbine. In the end they figured out where to place the turbine, but it cost too much money.

Sunday, 15 October 2017

My Goals...That I Have Achieved

These goals are from term one. This is a recap on my goals that I have achieved. I have achieved all of my goals...I am proud of myself. It was hard trying to achieve my general goal because I talk a lot, and I laugh a lot. It is just part of my personality. 

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Running Our Government...

Image result for Jacinda Ardern
I believe that Labour will run our government because Jacinda Ardern is going to help the housing crisis. She is also going to help the homeless into homes and her ideas are going to affect New Zealand in a positive way.

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

The Burning Jealousy Of The Sun...

The Burning Jealousy Of The Sun

Ever since Maui was born, the sun had become very bitter and salty because every morning he would hear the people of Maui's village talk about Maui, and how powerful and strong he was. Everyday Maui would go out and collect crops for his family to have for supper, but he would not have enough time to collect enough crops to fill his family because the sun would be too jealous to see Maui, so the sun would zoom across the sky. Maui would have to set out on foot at 3 o'clock in the morning because one minute it would be sunny the next it is darkening into the night. One day Maui thought he would discipline the sun. Maui set out with just a bone, rope and a carving knife. He navigated his way across the world to the eastern side, with only the stars and the wind. He used the wind because every night the wind would blow towards the east and the sun rises on the east. He also used the southern cross that was in the sky.

While Maui was walking towards the east one morning the sun started to peak across the horizon, and when the sun saw Maui he shot Maui a disgusted face and then darted across the sky like a streak of light. Maui sat down on the grass and wondered to himself why the sun was doing that to the people. The next dawn Maui saw the sun peaking over the horizon and asked the sun why he was doing that, and the sun said "I am doing this because I don't like listening to the people of your village talking and chatting about you every single day" "I'M GETTING SICK OF IT!" The sun shouted.

Maui thought to himself how he can make the sun slow down. Maui laid on the grass thinking of a plan. It was growing darker, and soon it was dark. In the morning Maui started to carve the bone into a hook shape and he made a hole through the top of the bone to stick the rope through. When Maui saw the sun he threw the hook over the sun with all his might. It caught the sun with surprise that Maui would do such a thing. Maui lowered his voice into a menacing growl. He told the sun "I will beat you till you cannot move no more" The sun said "Ok...I will make a deal with you, if I slow down, you have to tell the people in your village to stop talking about you every day, but please, please, please don't beat me!" Then the sun heard Maui mutter under his voice "Ok, I won't beat you" After that, Maui accepted the sun's offer and slowly walked away, back to his village.

When Maui got back to his village, everyone thanked him, they brought him gifts and food. Then soon after that was all over Maui told the people of his village what the sun had said. They all gasped and questioned Maui. Maui gave all the questions good reasons, then walked off to his hut to sleep, because of his long journey.

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Te Tiriti O Waitangi...The Treaty Of Waitangi

WALT write a book report.
This book report is about Te Tiriti O Waitangi..The Treaty Of Waitangi.

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

My Doggy Maya!

It all started a few months ago, when my aunty and uncle moved down to their new house in Papakura. They slept by their selves for a few nights until the day that someone broke into their house and stole their TV. My uncle was gone to his parents house and my aunty was at work, an unknown person broke into the house because my uncle had accidentally forgot to turn the alarm on before he left. So when the burglar broke into the house the alarm couldn't warn the neighbors. A few weeks had passed since the first theft. It was Wednesday when everyone was at work, but luckily our neighbors that lived across the road were home. The neighbor shouted at the burglar and he swiftly ran away. Our neighbor called the police and the police warned my aunty. From then on my aunty was very suspicious about locking the door at night and when she would leave the house.

One day my aunty got a call from her brother in law and he said "My brother is moving out of his house and he has a dog named Maya, he is not allowed to keep her there so I was wondering, if you would like to keep Maya?" My aunty was filled with immense happiness. When I heard the news I was very eager to meet my new doggy! Finally the day had come to meet my new bundle of joy. It was well after school had finished and my aunty and I were driving down to Papakura to meet Maya! As we pulled into the drive way we heard this thundering bark, it sound like a full grown male dog, but when we looked through the bars of our steel gate, we could see that the dog was still a puppy that was nearly grown up. At that very moment I filled with immense happiness, because I couldn't get over how adorable she was.

As I walked through the steel gate, Maya was beaming with happiness. As soon as I stopped walking, Maya jumped up on her hind legs and started to lick me very intensely, I nearly lost my balance. I was very proud to have Maya because I had never had a dog before. I was sort of scared of her because she was quite big. Maya is a Labrador crossed with a Staffy. I really love her but at times she gets very smelly and I have to wash her and then dry her before she gets a cold. I love taking her for walks, especially when we walk past other houses and they have dogs that bark at Maya, but Maya just keeps on walking. Maya is so well behaved around other people and dogs. She is a very energetic dog and needs a lot of exercise. I love her to bits.

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

My EXTREME Memory!!!!!!!!!

My favourite memory was when I got to meet my cousin named Patrinah. She lived all the way in Australia. I'd never met her before until that day. We used to talk to each other over the telephone and  we'd stay up for hours talking to each other, and when she finally came, we had the longest hug ever. It  was so exciting getting to meet her because I'd been waiting to meet her my whole life. She lives in Brisbane which is along the eastern coast of Australia. My nana went to pick her up from the airport around six o'clock, and when they got home, I was so shocked because she was 13 years old but she was as tall as a door. When she trotted through the door she had to duck under the door frame.

When the weekend swung around my aunt, uncle, brother, Patrinah and I went to Rainbows End. Patrinah was so happy because she had never been to Rainbows End before and she always wished she could go to our theme park. When we arrived at Rainbows End, Patrinah and I rushed to the queue and waited to pay for our tickets. While we walked through the gates it felt like heaven because I hadn't been there in a long time. My uncle, aunty and brother went to one family attraction called The Log Flume. So Patrinah and I happily trotted off to another attraction.

The first attraction that we went to was the pirate ship. When we got on Patrinah and I felt sort of scared because we had never been on the pirate ship. Suddenly the ship started to rock, back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, until the ship got to it's highest peak. The ship stormed down and both our stomachs dropped. When the ship stopped my head was so dizzy, it felt like my head was in the clouds. The biggest and scariest ride that we had ever been on was the stratosphere. First we went onto the less extreme. We rode the less extreme a few times then we moved onto the FULL EXTREME. When the stratosphere started to swing my stomach felt liked it had butterflies in it.

When the day ended I was sad but my happiness grew more and more, everyday!!!!!!!

Sunday, 23 July 2017

Back At School!

Back At School!

The school holidays are finally over, and we are back at school now. We are past halfway through the year. My favourite days in the holidays was the 14th and the 15th of July. They are my favourite because I went to my friends birthday and had loads of fun. We went to the Stardome on one day and Gravity on the other. It is going to be a busy term this term, we have lots of hard work to do, and we are also going to be doing my favourite sport too, NETBALL! In a few weeks time we are going to have Inter-school netball, it's going to be great fun. 
My maths goal this term is to learn every single multiplication tables from 6-12.

Thursday, 29 June 2017

The Best Book Ever!!!- Inna Furey

This term Riiana and I read a story called Inna Furey. The story was about a girl named Inna Furey that had two personalities. Inna had a personality of a bird and of a girl. At school Inna was getting bullied. Leanne had noticed it but hadn't done anything. Later on in the book Inna had gone missing. Leanne lived by a reserve where all the kids from school played. One night she wanted to go exploring in the reserve because that is where Inna had gone missing. She found Inna on the rope swing that was hanging from the tree.

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

"Excellent Effort"- Reading

On Monday 12 June 2017 I got a certificate for excellent effort in reading. I am so proud of myself.
I love reading and you should too! I am reading at 14-15 years old! Yay!
If you read everyday you can be BETTER THAN BEFORE!

Sunday, 11 June 2017

St. Kentigern Sports Day!!!

Today we had St. Kentigern students come to our school. They play a few games with us. My team warmed up with a little game, the game we played was a game where you had to find a partner, and try to touch each others knees, the other person had to try and jump away before their knee or knees got touched. After that we played a game of soccer or football. One of the games of soccer that we played had one ball then our coach from St. Kent's threw another ball into the game.

It's fun having St. Kent's at our school, we are so lucky and thankful!

Wednesday, 31 May 2017


Displaying IMG_8040.JPG

On Wednesday the 31st of May 2017 Dominic left our class and our school. It was very sad to see him leave. We loved him so much. He was the coolest friend ever, if someone was sad he would help to cheer them up. He was the brightest person I have ever met. He was cool, amazing, funny and he absolutely loved the Lord.

We will miss you soo much Dominic!
I wish you luck at your new school and have fun.
Enjoy your life the way you want and take care! We will miss you.. a lot!

Check-Chunk-Cheer!!!! - Reading

Today we did an activity called Check Chunk Cheer!!
It is an activity where you have to choose a sound and then write as many words as you can using that one sound. Its a very fun and great activity!! In this one I have used the sound ING. My Check Chunk Cheer here has 26 words altogether!!

Sunday, 28 May 2017

Righting The Wrongs- Reading!

Today at school I read an article about the pole tax that Chinese New Zealanders had to pay before they entered the country. They had to pay poll tax because the government back then was really racist.

It was a really interesting story to read. It was interesting to read because I was interested in the way the government used to treat people.

Thursday, 25 May 2017

TONGA!!! - Presentation

This term our inquiry topic was about Tonga.
We learned about the different ways of living. It was really interesting to look at the differences.
We worked together in groups. Thank you Fakaola, Liza and Mary-Ruth for helping me with the presentation. I learnt a lot about Tonga like, the old capital city of Tonga is Lapaha, and that's where my poppa comes from.

Sunday, 7 May 2017

Back At School

I hope everyone had a great holiday, cause I know I did. We are back at school now and we are ready to learn.

It is now term two! We started back on the 1st of May, on a Wednesday. I had a great two week holiday. What did you do?
Have you been reading over the holidays?

Thursday, 4 May 2017

ANZAC - Cinquain

This is a Cinquain Poem
The first line has 1 word
The Second line has 2 words
Third line has 4 words and the last sentence has 1 word

Sunday, 9 April 2017

25th Of April Soon

  Here are facts about ANZAC. If you don't know what ANZAC stands for ANZAC stands for Australia New Zealand Army Corps.

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Robert Rakate!!! (A.K.A the brown wiggle)- Duffy Assembly And Duffy Books

Duffy Assembly

Robert Rakate (a.k.a the brown wiggle) came to Ruapotaka School today to talk to us about Reading!!!!!!

Robert made us giggle and he said
"I told my son to clean up his room before he went with his friends and when his son went with his friends he went into his sons room and it was still messy!!" so he said he was cleaning his sons book shelf and he found a book called "Asterix"
Robert said that he jumped on his sons bed and started reading the book and when his son got home he told him to clean up his room!!!

Today we also got our two
Duffy Books!!!! 

Because my books are hidden behind Tristan head my books are

Goosebumps: A Nightmare On Clown Street
Thea Stilton: And The Tropical Treasure.
Today was fun!!!

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

How to.. - Procedural Writing

WALT write a successful procedure

I can state my goal in the beginning of my writing
I can be able to write a successful procedure.

Sunday, 19 March 2017

What Happens When You Are Bitten By An Insect?

What Happens When You Are Bitten By An Insect?

WALT to explain what happens before and after you are bitten by an insect.

Why do mosquitoes bite you ask?
Mosquitoes bite because our blood is their food. Only the female mosquito bite. Well they don’t actually bite they suck our blood. Did you know that mosquitoes find children tastier than adults… that's crazy right?

You might be playing outside and suddenly hear a buzzing noise, you think you are just hearing things but then you feel a tingling sensation.

First you feel the tingling sensation getting stronger and then you start itching really really badly. When you scratch it you get this feeling and is so sensational you keep on scratching till it gets too sore.

You stop because you start to notice that there is a red lump that is starting to emerge. The spot where you have scratched will start to turn to a reddish colour. Some people may or may not feel the bite. If you scratch even more well then it might just get infected. If it does get infected it will be sore and really red, it might also have a white lump right in the middle of the BIG RED INFECTION!

If you don’t have any cream from the pharmacy then you can just use:
  • Vinegar
  • Aloe
  • A dry bar of soap, baking soda and water.

The next day you should see the bump slowly disappearing. Come to the following week and your arm or leg is not infected any more.

These paragraphs of writing are explaining to people... 

What Happens When You Are Bitten By An Insect?

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Sunday, 12 March 2017

The First Duffy Show For 2017!!!!!!!!

This was our first ever Duffy Show for 2017. There was a lady and her name was global girl. Duffy and global were travelling around the world trying to help people. They were also doing live science experiments.


 Today we went swimming with the swimming instructors. We got taught how to do proper swimming. I was in group three. We learnt how to breath properly while we were underwater.

Our instructor said to not breath in while under water other wise you might choke on the water.
We had sooo much fun with the swimming instructors.
On the last day with the swimming instructors played games with us, it was so much fun!!!!!

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

My 2017 Goals!!!

These are my learning goals for 2017!!!!!!! I would like to improve on these.

Thursday, 16 February 2017


Welcome back everyone...
For the new viewers my name is Leanah and I am 10 years old. I am in room 10 and I am also a year 6 this year. My friends names are Riiana, Jessica and Dora.

I like all the colours. All my hobbies are drawing, colouring, and netball.  

I think that netball is the best sport in the world. My position in netball is goal attack and goal shoot. Occasionally I play defence and centre. 

My favourite books to read are TombQuest by Michael Northrop.
I have already read the first book.

This is a photo of my friend in my class..

Riiana, Dominic, Jessica, Kain, Tyra, Mary, Liza, Tristan, Fakaola, Joanlisi, Malia, Konzay,  Tupou, Brazie, Peni and finally.... Me! 

We all work together and cooperate well.

My favourite video game is Minecraft. I play a lot with my big brother.

The last thing I have to tell you is
I LOVE SCHOOL and I hope you do too.