Tuesday, 20 December 2016

BAN! Bullfighting

Day 2.

Activity 2.

BAN! Bullfighting
The most popular activity in Madrid is Bullfighting....

1. I think Madrid should ban bullfighting because the people could get hurt or even worse die.
2. I also think Madrid should ban bullfighting because the people might of survived but the injuries might of been life threatening.


Von said...

Hey Leanah!

I'm Von and I am a year 7 student from S.P.X school. Your two reasons to why bullfighting should stop are true and I have to agree with you.. they should ban bullfighting. Anyways Great work and keep it Up!


Mark Barlow said...

Hi Leanah!

It's good to see you thinking about the human cost of the activity. However I might like you to also try putting yourself in the position of the bull (who is a male cow). Do you think he want's to be in ring with people trained to kill him slowly and painfully? He might be more happy spending his days eating grass with his herd/family.

I'm not sure how fair it is. I just want you to consider whether or not it is okay to kill animals in such a way for humans amusement?

What do you think?


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