Wednesday, 6 September 2017

My Doggy Maya!

It all started a few months ago, when my aunty and uncle moved down to their new house in Papakura. They slept by their selves for a few nights until the day that someone broke into their house and stole their TV. My uncle was gone to his parents house and my aunty was at work, an unknown person broke into the house because my uncle had accidentally forgot to turn the alarm on before he left. So when the burglar broke into the house the alarm couldn't warn the neighbors. A few weeks had passed since the first theft. It was Wednesday when everyone was at work, but luckily our neighbors that lived across the road were home. The neighbor shouted at the burglar and he swiftly ran away. Our neighbor called the police and the police warned my aunty. From then on my aunty was very suspicious about locking the door at night and when she would leave the house.

One day my aunty got a call from her brother in law and he said "My brother is moving out of his house and he has a dog named Maya, he is not allowed to keep her there so I was wondering, if you would like to keep Maya?" My aunty was filled with immense happiness. When I heard the news I was very eager to meet my new doggy! Finally the day had come to meet my new bundle of joy. It was well after school had finished and my aunty and I were driving down to Papakura to meet Maya! As we pulled into the drive way we heard this thundering bark, it sound like a full grown male dog, but when we looked through the bars of our steel gate, we could see that the dog was still a puppy that was nearly grown up. At that very moment I filled with immense happiness, because I couldn't get over how adorable she was.

As I walked through the steel gate, Maya was beaming with happiness. As soon as I stopped walking, Maya jumped up on her hind legs and started to lick me very intensely, I nearly lost my balance. I was very proud to have Maya because I had never had a dog before. I was sort of scared of her because she was quite big. Maya is a Labrador crossed with a Staffy. I really love her but at times she gets very smelly and I have to wash her and then dry her before she gets a cold. I love taking her for walks, especially when we walk past other houses and they have dogs that bark at Maya, but Maya just keeps on walking. Maya is so well behaved around other people and dogs. She is a very energetic dog and needs a lot of exercise. I love her to bits.

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