Tuesday, 19 September 2017

The Burning Jealousy Of The Sun...

The Burning Jealousy Of The Sun

Ever since Maui was born, the sun had become very bitter and salty because every morning he would hear the people of Maui's village talk about Maui, and how powerful and strong he was. Everyday Maui would go out and collect crops for his family to have for supper, but he would not have enough time to collect enough crops to fill his family because the sun would be too jealous to see Maui, so the sun would zoom across the sky. Maui would have to set out on foot at 3 o'clock in the morning because one minute it would be sunny the next it is darkening into the night. One day Maui thought he would discipline the sun. Maui set out with just a bone, rope and a carving knife. He navigated his way across the world to the eastern side, with only the stars and the wind. He used the wind because every night the wind would blow towards the east and the sun rises on the east. He also used the southern cross that was in the sky.

While Maui was walking towards the east one morning the sun started to peak across the horizon, and when the sun saw Maui he shot Maui a disgusted face and then darted across the sky like a streak of light. Maui sat down on the grass and wondered to himself why the sun was doing that to the people. The next dawn Maui saw the sun peaking over the horizon and asked the sun why he was doing that, and the sun said "I am doing this because I don't like listening to the people of your village talking and chatting about you every single day" "I'M GETTING SICK OF IT!" The sun shouted.

Maui thought to himself how he can make the sun slow down. Maui laid on the grass thinking of a plan. It was growing darker, and soon it was dark. In the morning Maui started to carve the bone into a hook shape and he made a hole through the top of the bone to stick the rope through. When Maui saw the sun he threw the hook over the sun with all his might. It caught the sun with surprise that Maui would do such a thing. Maui lowered his voice into a menacing growl. He told the sun "I will beat you till you cannot move no more" The sun said "Ok...I will make a deal with you, if I slow down, you have to tell the people in your village to stop talking about you every day, but please, please, please don't beat me!" Then the sun heard Maui mutter under his voice "Ok, I won't beat you" After that, Maui accepted the sun's offer and slowly walked away, back to his village.

When Maui got back to his village, everyone thanked him, they brought him gifts and food. Then soon after that was all over Maui told the people of his village what the sun had said. They all gasped and questioned Maui. Maui gave all the questions good reasons, then walked off to his hut to sleep, because of his long journey.

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