Monday, 26 February 2018

A New Year!

Malo e lelei! It is now 2018. I have become an intermediate student. This year, two of my friends and I have become responsible prefects.

I have gained interests in many different subjects inside and outside of school. 
Two of my favourite things to do outside of school is watch anime and read manga. I also like to draw character designs and talk to my friends online. 

I have two older siblings who have graduated from school, found a job and moved away from home. My eldest sibling is 25 years of age. Then there’s my brother, he is 19 years of age.
My eyes are of mixed colours and my hair is shoulder-length. My hair was originally light brown but I had blonde highlights put in it. The highlights in my hair are slowly fading away. I have tanned skin. I am a bit taller than the average height for my age.

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