Monday, 17 October 2016

At the Botanical Gardens

On Thursday the 13th of October we went to the botanical gardens to look at different plants and flowers.

We saw different flowers and plants. On some trees we could see blossoms. There was a sculpture that was my favourite it was a waka. I liked it because it had lots of patterns on it. While we were there we heard birds chirping in the trees that were above us. In one part of the botanical gardens we went to a place called the rose garden. When we walked in I caught a whiff of the lovely smell of the roses.

My favourite area of the botanical gardens was the rose garden because the roses looked so pretty and smelt really nice. My favourite plant was the roses because there was so many different coloured roses and they were all different sizes.

While I was walking around I noticed that there were different types of sculptures like an eel sculpture and a woman that look like she was a butterfly. There was also another sculpture that was made out of shovels and it was surrounded by blossom trees and palm trees.

While I was walking around I noticed that there was a part of the Botanical
Garden that represented Japan because there were a lot of cherry blossom trees.  

My experience at the Botanical Gardens was amazing.

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