Sunday, 25 December 2016

Never Been Out Of Auckland?

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I've never been out of Auckland but if I was to go to three different places in Wellington it would be.....
1. Ride the historic cable car
2. Have a close encounter at Wellington Zoo
3. Go to the Staglands Wildlife Reserve

How about you? Have you ever been out of Auckland?


Rachel Williamson said...

Hi Leanah! It's fabulous to see that you've posted another blog for the Summer Learning Journey programme. Good on you!

I really like the ideas that you have suggested. I would definitely recommend that you ride on the cable car. It is very cool! I have never been to the Wellington Zoo but I like the idea of a 'close encounter.' What does it involve? Do you get to meet an animal up close? If so, which animal would you choose to meet? I think that I would choose to meet an elephant. They look so interesting...

Keep up the great work with your blogging, Leanah. I can't wait to read what you write next!

All the best,

Rachel :)

Mark Barlow said...

Kia ora Leanah!

I'm Mark, a teacher working with Rachel on the Summer Learning Journey. It was really interesting reading your blog about what you might do in Wellington. You won't know this, but I actually lived down there for 3 years while I studied film. It was a really interesting city and I really liked being there.

I've done the first two things... actually I used to ride the cable car to uni often. It is quite cool. But I don't know Staglands Wildlife Reserve. There is a protected area in the hills behind Wellington as well called Zealandia which I have been to which is nice. I might have to check out your suggestion the next time I go!

Keep up the good work!


Jen&Chris said...

Hey Leanah!

We're Jennifer and Christina, grade 8 students. We actually live in Toronto, which is all the way across the world! However, neither of us have ever been to Wellington. It sounds like an amazing place! The cable car would probably be a lot of fun to ride, and the zoo and reserve would probably give us some amazing pictures! If we ever visited Wellington, we would definitively visit the zoo and reserve, and would take a ride on the cable car!

This was such an interesting post! Keep up the amazing work - and we look forward to hearing more about Wellington!

~Jennifer and Christina

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