Monday, 7 November 2016

Narrative Writing - Imaginary Creature

A few weeks ago we had to make up a creature and then write a narrative about it. My imaginary creatures name is Jeffrey and his best friends name is Charlotte. On different days we had to change the font colours.

Jeffrey and Charlotte are two weird kids. They go to school everyday unless they are sick and they have to do 2 hour homework.

One day they went to school. On that day the whole school went to the local swimming pool together. When they arrived there were lifeguards standing around one pool but there was nothing there. It was like they were looking at a ghost or something. Then the kids all felt a rush of air coming from the pool, they thought it was the wind but it wasn't it was something in the pool that the lifeguards were looking at. After that they had to leave and go back the next day because the lifeguards had to handle something.

The next day when they went back to the swimming pools it was open.
The whole school was swimming when they heard the sound of someone gurgling the water in there mouth. Then they look around the pool area and saw one of the students in Jeffery’s class and he was drowning. They quickly got him out of the pool and tried to help him but it was too late he had already died. After the pools the school went back to school got their bags and went home. That night jeffery couldn't sleep he kept thinking about the boy that drowned at the pool. The next day when Jeffrey woke up the and the city was on fire but his parents were just sitting there like nothing was happening.

Jeffrey ran outside and people were running around screaming and people were on fire. He ran to Charlotte's house but she was just standing in the doorway paralyzed. Jeffery tried to help Charlotte but he couldn’t because she was as cold as ice and she was beginning to turn purple until Charlotte opened her eyes and drank some water. After a few minutes of catching her breath Charlotte was finally back to her normal self. Charlotte and Jeffery ran out of the house and onto the road. Jeffrey and Charlotte made a plan on how to escape the city.

On the plan there were six exits out of the whole city. They started to get ready for the great escape. But the problem was that only one exit was free from guards. When Jeffrey and Charlotte got to the exit they found out who set the town on fire. It was scary clowns and they were blocking the only exit Charlotte and Jeffrey could get out of. Charlotte had found a way to get out. Jeffrey had to do something he had never done before. It was that Jeffrey had to distract the clowns then Charlotte will sneak up behind one of the clowns and then whack it in the head with a bat and escape.

Jeffrey distracted the clowns and then Charlotte tried to whack one of the clowns but it knew something wasn’t right and then it turned around and ducked and Charlotte missed her and Jeffrey’s only shot at escaping the city. Jeffrey quickly ran out of the huge gates and called out to Charlotte but she didn’t respond. Jeffrey waited for a while and then the clowns threw Charlotte on the ground and she had a stab wound on her back.

Jeffrey never returned to the town because he was too devastated about what happened to Charlotte. Jeffrey was walking along the road when he saw a figure in the distance and thought it was Charlotte but he remembered that Charlotte had died that day. He thought that he might be going crazy and mental because Charlotte was his best friend and never wanted to lose her. she would even die for her if that was necessary. He couldn’t stop thinking about his poor friend.

A few years later Jeffrey was at University and was studying to be a professional doctor at a very busy hospital. After his years at University he became a doctor.

Jeffrey found himself a nice wife and he had three children. They all grew up to be the same as their dad……… A Doctor!!!!

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