Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Blood In The Bank - Reading

Blood In The Bank

Today I read an article about a girl that gave blood donations. Every two years the blood donation people would go to her school and set up a place where, people that are over 16 were allowed to give blood donations to save peoples lives. Before she gave her blood donation she had to fill out a form, so the doctors could see if she had any diseases, illnesses, or if she was taking any medication.
When she had finished filling the form out, the doctors would check it. When the finished checking it, they gave her permission to donate blood. First the did a blood test, they pricked her thumb. Next the nurse told the girl to lie down on a table. Then they would prick the girls arm so they can put a needle in it. Next they connect a tube to the needle so the blood would flow into a plastic bag. When that is all done the nurse places a sticking plaster over the wound. The girl gets to have a little rest and then a cup of tea and some biscuits.

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